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"Taylor is a talented young actress with an expressive face and the range of emotional depth rare in one so young. I found her a delight on the set, willing to take risks and eager to work with other professionals from crew to cast.  Expecting great things from Taylor in the future!"


Karyn Langhorne Folan, Screenwriter/Producer with Rock Creek Content, Director of "The Catcher"


As her teacher, I think of her as one of my favorite students ever.  As a performer, I'd be completely comfortable including her on my "gigs".  I'm honored to have had the privilege of working with Taylor, and so will you!



Taylor Chunn was only 13 years old, when her interpretation of "For All We Know" made me cry.  It was the first time a student's performance made me cry during a lesson.  I DON'T CRY!


Since my first lesson with Taylor, only a few months earlier, I knew she was exactly the kind of high-level student that I needed.  Even now, I believe that Tay showed up exactly when I needed her.  She truly motivated me to step up and do more than the work required.  She inspired me to do everything I can, to be a better teacher...performer...PERSON.


Taylor came into our lessons with a calm but powerful confidence in her ability to communicate through singing.  It was surreal to see Taylor, who was a playfully bubbly young girl who found humor in almost everything, combining that confidence with a graceful humility well beyond her years.“


Jeremy Ragsdale, Vocal Coach and 2018 winner of "The Voice" Romania

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